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Tax Services

Are you looking to have your tax returns prepared, accompanied by tax planning strategies used by the wealthy? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Quanfidence Financial we take a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to our tax services. Quanfidence prepares tax returns and we help our clients tax plan in order to lower current and future tax liabilities. If you would like to work with a licensed Certified Public Accountant for your unique tax circumstances schedule a session! We would love to help you!

Financial Coaching

Coaches motivate, coaches instill confidence, coaches help you build successful habits in order to reach a goal. Quanfidence’ s goal for financial coaching is to help you not only achieve your financial goals but guide you as an accountability partner along your journey to personal financial freedom. Our financial coaching services include but are not limited to: Creating Spending Plans (budgeting), Taking actionable steps to becoming debt free, building a savings, and building sustainable financial habits. Many of which will lead to becoming confident financially and ultimately financially free.

Speaking Engagements

Quanfidence moves the crowd! We speak to a wide array of audiences regarding subjects such as personal finance, financial literacy, and financial empowerment and many other topics. From beginners to experts we have got you covered. Contact us for more information!

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