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Our Founder

Welcome! I am RahQuan King, the founder of Quanfidence!

Who is

RahQuan King?

More about the Founder

Our founder was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Trenton, NJ, both impoverished inner-city environments plagued by senseless crimes, drugs, and violence. In his high school years, RahQuan focused solely on basketball and his academics in order to rise above the pressures that many of his peers fell victim to. His collegiate years at Rider University was where RahQuan started to blossom and see a world bigger than what he was used to. Being able to graduate from Rider University in May 2019 was groundbreaking for his last name and put him on the path to where he is today. He is now a Certified Public Accountant, a Tax Preparer/ Planner, and a Financial Coach. Most importantly, he is someone who promotes all success and advocates for financial freedom amongst the masses, thus creating Quanfidence.

What is Quanfidence?

Quanfidence’s mission is to inspire and empower financial freedom! Financial Freedom is affordably living the lifestyle we desire without constantly being driven to earn. Financial Freedom is subjective to every individual but at Quanfidence we believe everyone can achieve their definition of financial freedom. We help our clients envision what financial freedom looks like for them as well as meet them wherever they may be along their journey.

What does that mean for you?

This means that you have the opportunity to work with someone who wants to see you win! Any financial goal you may have, our team at Quanfidence Financial can design the best solutions to help you achieve it. Our founder is in the process of creating financial freedom for himself and his family after starting in the negatives! Don’t you want someone who will be in the trenches with you? Someone who is willing to take a hands-on approach and meet you wherever you may be within your journey to financial freedom? I’m sure you do!